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Step 1 of 4: Installing a system

1.1 Data protection impact assessment

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If your cameras are likely to overlook any areas which people would regard as private (eg a neighbour’s garden), you should consider where to install them and avoid siting cameras in these locations, or restrict their fields of view or movement to minimise intrusion. For internal workplace cameras, consider the greater expectation of privacy in certain areas such as locker rooms or social areas. Consider the differing impacts of camera technologies. For example, a fixed camera might be more appropriate than a Pan-Tilt-Zoom. A system that records sound will be significantly more intrusive and harder to justify than one without that capability. If your business is sited in a mixed or multiple-use location, consider the privacy concerns of the users of any common spaces.

1.2 Registration

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Once you have determined the purpose for which you are processing personal data you must pay the ICO a data protection fee unless you are exempt. If your business uses non-domestic CCTV systems you are likely to need to pay a fee. There are three different tiers of fee and you are expected to pay between £40 and £2,900. The fee depends on the size of your business, your turnover and, in some cases, the type of business you are. If you want to know more, the ICO has published more detailed Guidance on our website .