The ICO exists to empower you through information.

We keep undertakings, enforcements notices and CMPs on the website for two years.

There are different retention periods for information published about prosecutions, depending on the type of prosecution and the information published:

If there is no named individual: prosecution information that doesn’t refer to individuals (that is, if only a company is named) is removed from the Prosecutions page after 2 years. We retain references to prosecutions in news releases, annual reports etc. for the standard retention period of those items.

Named individual: if an individual is named and issued with a fine, we remove information referring to the individual after 12 months.

In cases where an individual worked for or ran a company, their personal details (names, ages) are redacted after 12 months while the company name remains for 2 years. In cases where an individual is referenced solely by name on the website, all information related to the prosecution is removed after 12 months.

If the individual receives a conditional discharge, we remove information referring to the prosecution after the conditional discharge has been served.

If the individual receives an absolute discharge, we will not publish information about the prosecution.

Full details can be found in the ICO website retention policy.