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An Opinion highlights issues surrounding personal data use which the Information Commissioner considers to be important. It is a non-statutory instrument, but can be used to support regulatory operations. An Opinion can be updated or revised based on any legal or practical developments.

The Information Commissioner is able to issue an Opinion under Article 58(3)(b) of the UK General Data Protection Regulation, and Section 115(3)(b) of the Data Protection Act 2018.

Opinion Date published
Age assurance for the Children’s code 18 January 2024
The lawful basis for the processing of vehicle keeper data by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) 13 June 2022
Who’s Under Investigation? The processing of victims’ personal data in rape and serious sexual offence investigations 31 May 2022
Data protection and privacy expectations for online advertising proposals 25 November 2021
The use of live facial recognition technology in public places 18 June 2021
Apple and Google joint initiative on COVID-19 contact tracing technology 17 April 2020
The use of live facial recognition technology by law enforcement in public places 31 October 2019