Awdurdod annibynnol y Deyrnas Unedig a sefydlwyd i gynnal hawliau gwybodaeth er budd y cyhoedd, annog cyrff cyhoeddus i fod yn agored a hybu preifatrwydd data i unigolion.

ICO25 plan

On 14 July 2022 we will publish our new strategic plan - ICO25. The plan sets out:

  • why our work is important;
  • what we want to be known for and by whom; and
  • how we intend to achieve this by 2025.

In so doing, it describes our purpose, objectives and values and the shift in approach we aim to achieve through the life of this plan.

'Openness by Design' 2019-2022

This strategy sets out the Information Commissioner’s priorities over the next three years for the access to information legislation they regulate. The strategy relates to their powers and duties under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000, the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) 2004, and the Reuse of Public Sector Information Regulation 2014.

Technology Strategy 2018-2021

The Technology Strategy seeks to develop and enhance technical knowledge and understanding at the ICO and to ensure we effectively communicate these to both organisations and individuals. It explains our eight technology goals and how we intend to achieve them.

International Strategy 2017 - 2021

To effectively protect the UK public’s personal information in a digital global environment, the ICO needs to co-operate and act internationally. This International Strategy seeks to enhance privacy protection for the UK public. Recognising that the ICO needs to be agile in an ever-changing world, it will be regularly reviewed and updated in response to new challenges and opportunities. This international strategy supports our 2017 Information Rights Strategic Plan.

Innovation plan

Our innovation plan details how we will ensure our approach to regulation will support innovation. 


Capacity and Capability Plan

This strategic plan sets out how the ICO will ensure we have the right culture, people, processes and infrastructure in place to deliver against our strategic objectives and clearly defined priorities.